Langley Park Series

Scarred hearts. Second Chances. Undeniable passion.

Welcome to Langley Park

Just a stone's throw from Kansas City, this quaint town will draw you in with its charming homes and inviting town center. But don't let the picturesque appearance fool you. Langley Park harbors dark secrets and the echoes of lost love.


Book One: The Road Home

You can outrun a lot of things.

The truth isn’t one of them.

Jenna Lewis is a liar. A fake. A fraud.

She’s spent the last fourteen years running from her past, pretending she wasn’t the forgotten little girl nobody wanted.

One call is all it takes to shatter her fragile façade and force her to return home to Langley Park.

Buried secrets and whispers of lost love turn her life upside down when she encounters her teenage crush. While neither wants to admit their connection is lightning-hot, the intensity of their attraction is too strong to deny.

But danger lurks in the darkness.

Unsettling events begin to occur, threatening not only Jenna’s second chance at love but her very life.

Will she survive what lies ahead?

Can her heart navigate the road home?

The Road Home is a sexy standalone romance in the Langley Park series.


Book Two: The Sound of Home

One steamy summer night. One unforgivable betrayal. Two lives forever changed.

Em MacCaslin isn’t an ordinary teenager. She’s a world-renowned violinist—until the night she endures a life-altering injury and loses the ability to play.

A night she can’t remember. 

After twelve years of running from the past, she’s back in Langley Park, and she’s looking for answers.

Sparks fly and passions ignite when the man she blames for her misfortune insists on helping her uncover the buried secrets surrounding her injury.

But not everyone wants Em to learn the truth. A truth with the potential to kill.

The Sound of Home is a sexy standalone romance in the Langley Park series.


Book Three: The Beginning of Home

New name. New town. New life.

Lindsey Hanlon is so close to a new beginning.

After fleeing an abusive relationship and living on the run, she’s starting over in the quaint town of Langley Park.

Even though she’s escaped, she’s not in the clear.

Lindsey’s carrying a secret that could get her killed. 

As long as she flies under the radar, she’s safe. But things get complicated and passions flare when her first love unexpectedly appears, and neither can deny the bond that still exists between them.

A second chance at love could be what Lindsey needs to heal and move on. It could also jeopardize everything, including her life.

The Beginning of Home is a sexy standalone romance in the Langley Park series.


Book Four: The Measure of Home

How much would you give up for your dreams?

Monica Brandt doesn’t have money or power. Beauty is her only currency. She dreams of leaving her grandmother’s bakery in Langley Park and traveling the world as a model.

Then she meets Gabe Sinclair.

They promise to build a life together, but when offered a chance to model abroad, she chooses her dream over love.

Years later and near penniless, a terrifying event forces her to return home and confront the man she abandoned.

Despite their complicated past, passion burns hot between them.

But Monica didn’t come home empty-handed. She has something dangerous people want. 

Something that could get her killed.

Can she trust Gabe to keep her safe after she broke his heart or will their tortured past tear them apart?

The Measure of Home is a sexy standalone romance in the Langley Park series.


Book Five: The Story of Home

Sam Sinclair has a secret.

A secret dark enough to bring Zoe Stein to her knees. A secret that’s kept him from being more than just her friend. 

But not all secrets stay buried, especially in the town of Langley Park.

Zoe is done.

Done with Sam. Done waiting for him to realize she’s in love with him. Done wondering why he’s kept her at arm’s length.

Done remembering the two steamy nights they shared years ago.


Zoe gets the chance to right a wrong from her past, and Sam is the only one who can help her uncover the truth. Their passion reignites, but is their love enough to overcome the secrets that could tear them apart?

The Story of Home is a sexy standalone romance in the Langley Park Series.